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Tork Craft Warranty

Tork Craft warranty offer
From Vermont Sales

Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd the importer & distributor of products labelled under the brand name Tork Craft offers a limited warranty cover on all products falling within the different categories as stipulated below. Tork Craft tools & accessories are manufactured to Tork Craft standards and comply with industry standards. Tork Craft aims to deliver products to consumers that are safe and in good working condition and free of any defects.

Tork Craft warranty

What is covered by the warranty offer?

This limited warranty offer covers any defects in the material and/or workmanship under normal and correct and in line with the industry norm, product user manual & maintenance guide (if applicable), during the specified warranty period.

Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd, reserves the right, to within reasonable time, evaluate and/or test any product as well as to investigate any claim before any findings are made and closure is provided.

Should the product failure be as a result of the above-mentioned causes, Vermont Sales (Pty), Ltd will upon sole discretion, choose to either repair or replace such a product in full or parts of the product at the cost of Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd.

Warranty period?

The warranty period for products purchased from any authorized retailer/store listed with Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd will commence from the actual date of in-store purchase and will be valid for the specified periods as per below from such purchase date.

  • Power Tools (Corded & battery-operated tools):
    A 12-Month warranty on the bare tool and battery charger.
    A 6-Months warranty on rechargeable batteries.
  • Hand Tools:
    Lifetime warranty for hand tools with no functional moving parts.
    A 6-Months warranty for hand tools with functional moving parts.
  • Accessories & other items:
    A 6-Month warranty
  • Consumables, accessories & products with a shelf life:
    Products with a shelf life are only covered by the warranty until the end of their expiry date. Consumable products
    are excluded from this warranty offer.
  • Replacement parts and workmanship:
    All replacement parts and workmanship are covered by a 6-month warranty, from the date of repair.

The remaining period of the warranty will resume on products, or alternatively, a 6-month extension may be granted from the original goods purchased date or the date of such repair or replacement.

What is not covered by the warranty offer:

The warranty offer will be voided in the following circumstances as set out below:

  • Conditions, damage and product failure as a result of misuse, abuse or incorrect usage or failure to service crucial parts which are subjected to wear and tear.
  • Fair wear and tear of any electrical or mechanical parts/components are not covered under this warranty offer.
  • Products that have passed their expiry date.
  • Consumable accessories are excluded from this warranty offer.
  • Products that have been altered in any way e.g., cutting of the plug top and retrofitting a different plug top.
  • If repairs have been conducted by a non-approved agent or individual.
  • If the product that the warranty is claimed against is incomplete.
  • Digital equipment that has been engraved on and/or has been exposed to high heat.

In order to submit a claim against the warranty offer, please consult Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd. for an evaluation to determine the most appropriate solution.